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Support African
Women Rising

Support African
Women Rising


Provides a goat to one woman. Goats are important investments as they reproduce quickly. Offspring help pay for school fees and serve as an insurance in case of any emergencies.


Provides 5 girls with a kit of reusable sanitary pads, underwear and soap to make sure they don’t miss school during their menstrual cycle.


Will provide one permagarden, three separate trainings each lasting three days, seeds and fruit trees, and monthly visits and technical support for one year.


Will provide training in business skills for 20 women, giving them the support they need to start a new business or build upon an existing one.


Will provide training in how to start and maintain a Perma Garden for 10 women.


Will run a literacy center for a year, providing 30-40 women with access to literacy and community building support.


Will provide a school with mentors and school supplies. 75 girls will get the support they need to continue to secondary school.

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